SecureBackup’s intuitive interface gets you to your first backup fast. Our guides assist you in optimizing backup parameters to benefit from the tool’s time-saving features. We help you discover best backup practices, show how our service is superior to ordinary online storage plus we decode backup-related jargon.

How to Back Up Your Computer

How to choose what to back up, how often to back up and where to store your data

Backup Options

What are the time/space tradeoffs between full, incremental and differential backups?

Online Backup Service versus Online Storage

Online backup and online storage are not the same things. Learn which is right for you.

Best Practices for Using SecureBackup

Learn how to take best advantage of our full-featured, comprehensive backup service

Unparalleled Security

No other online backup service offers you more in the way of security and confidentiality

Glossary Terms

Puzzled by terms related to data backups? This glossary gets you up to speed

Hard Drive: What Is It and How Does It Work?

This guide takes the mystery out of how hard drives work and why they fail

History of the Hard Drive

Since their introduction in the mid-50s, hard drives have been a mainstay of computer storage